Chris teaching a riding lesson

Jumper & Equitation Training at Black Bay Equestrian

Chris riding Johnny at Pebble Beach Classis 2012The key to a successful training program is one that that promotes happy, healthy and safe horses that enjoy their work, and encourages good communication between horse and rider. All horses are unique and therefore learn differently, so they should be approached with a well thought out individual plan that caters to that particular horse’s disposition and abilities. What the owner hopes to achieve with their horse also plays a key role in developing an individual training program.

Flatwork and proper rider position is an integral part of our training program, teaching students effective communication skills with their horse that are essential to success in any jumping discipline. Riders dedicated to proper flatwork will find they have more subtle control, and will find their horses to be more adjustable, supple and responsive which is essential for success in the show ring. Some areas of focus:

Riding is a partnership, both rider and horse need education to achieve their potential!

Our Training Philosophy - Horsemanship, Education, Success.

In order to achieve a successful relationship between both horse and rider, we adhere to a system of "rules" that we feel best serves these goals:

•  A focus on rideability and getting the most from your horse.
This means a horse should not only be "trainer broke", it should be ridden and schooled in a way that makes it a suitable mount for the owner or rider.

•  Physical and mental wellbeing is paramount to having a horse that enjoys its work.
If your horse is adverse to a particular movement or suddenly becomes sour or unwilling, he may be trying to tell you something. A close working relationship with your vet can help rule out any physical cause for discomfort. Chris on Galen at George Morris CLinic

•  We encourage continuing education through riding in or auditing clinics.
The best riders and trainers never stop learning. Taking advantage of watching or riding with other professionals helps keep things fresh and productive at home, and you may learn a few new tricks!

•  A good rider is also a good horseperson.
All riders in training or taking lessons will also learn to properly care for their horses, tack, etc. Basic knowledge should include how to wrap legs, lunge, and perform basic wound care among other things. Horses are not machines, and they require a lot of care. Taking care of your horse at all levels not only gives you a stronger bond with your horse, but also tells you what your horse is feeling that day. Basic horsemanship is an essential part of being a knowlegeable equestrian.

Personalized Service

With a maximum of 12 horses in full training, each client and their horse receive the personalized service that accompanies a small facility. Chris personally rides each horse in a training program, enabling her to consistently monitor their health, soundness, attitude and training development.

Training Options

Chris giving Mikey a schooling ride at home.

Black Bay Equestrian offers an array of training options that can be individually tailored to you and your horse by utilizing a system of Training Units. Each Training Unit is the equivalent of one training session,  ie: one training ride or one group lesson. Clients can tailor the number of units they wish to purchase to their needs. This system is very flexible, allowing you decide how and when to use your Training Units throughout the month. If during the month you decide you would like additional units above the 12 minimum, you may add them at your discretion.

Group lessons are offered Monday through Saturday and training rides are available Monday through Saturday.

Private and Group riding lessons Individual schooling rides Starting young sport horses


We are located at Opportunity Acres in Shingle Springs, a 56 acre facility that includes a cross country course, gallop track, 2 arenas, a covered round pen, large turnouts many other amenities..

Additional Services

The following services are available as needed: